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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

TUMPENG RICE Javanese Food

Cone is a cone of rice dish with various side dishes are placed in Tampah (large tray, round, of woven bamboo). Cone is a traditional dish that is used in the ceremony, both the nature of grief and joy.Cone in Javanese ritual there are a variety of species, among others: the sky prop cone, Arga Dumilah, Tumpeng Megono and Tumpeng Robyong.

 Cone loaded with symbolic meaning of the doctrine of life. Robyong cone is often used as a means of ceremonies Slametans (Tasyakuran). Robyong cone is a symbol of safety, fertility and prosperity.Cone that resembles Mount describe true prosperity. Water flowing from the mountain would live plants. Formed plants waving called "semi or Semen," which means to live and grow.In antiquity, cone of white rice is always served. White rice and side dishes in a cone also has a symbolic meaning.white riceOr cone-shaped mountain that symbolizes the hands close together to worship the Lord. Also, white rice symbolizes everything we eat, become flesh and blood must be selected from a clean source or halal.

These mountains form can also be interpreted as the expectation that the welfare of our life was more "up" and "high".
 Cooked with spices whole yellow / turmeric and given areh (thick coconut milk broth), a symbol of the solemn worship of God (manekung) with a peaceful heart (Wening). Sobriety is achieved with self-control and patience (nge "dominated for" flavor).Slaughtered rooster also has meaning to avoid bad qualities symbolized by the rooster, among other things: arrogant, conceited, when he speaks always interrupt and find out / win / correct itself (crow), and no attention was unfaithful to my wife and kids.catfishFormerly a side dish of fish used was not a catfish or carp, or other milk. Catfish survive in water that is flowing and in the riverbed. This is a symbol of steadfastness, perseverance in life and can live in the lowest economic situation though.
Anchovy / Gereh PethekAnchovy (gereh pethek) can be fried with flour or no flour. Anchovy and Fish Pethek life at sea and always crowded symbolizing togetherness and harmony.eggs
Boiled eggs, fish sauce, not scrambled or sunny, and served whole with the skin, so do not cut, so to eat it should be peeled first.This symbolizes that all our actions must be planned (peeled), treated according to plan and evaluate the results for perfection.Java Piwulang teach "Tata, Titi, Titis and Tatas", which means a good work ethic is a well-planned work, careful, precise calculation, and resolved completely.Eggs also symbolize human beings created by God with the degree of (nature) the same, which distinguishes only piety and behavior.Vegetables and "Urab-uraban"
 Vegetables used include kale, spinach, long beans, bean sprouts, chili seasoning kluwih with grated coconut or ointment. Vegetables also contain symbols such as:

  • Watercress means "jinangkung" meaning protect, is reached.
  • Spinach (spinach) means "calm Tentrem" or peace,
  • Sprouts / cambah a means to grow,
  • Beans means thinking far ahead / innovative,
  • Scallions (onion) that symbolizes everything carefully consider the pros and cons,
  • Red pepper is a symbol dilah tip cone (fire) which gives information / useful role model for others.
  • Kluwih means linuwih or have an advantage over others.
  • Seasoning means urip ointment / living or able to support (provide for) family.

In antiquity, elders who led the prayer of salvation will usually first describe the meaning contained in the cone dish. Thus the audience who came to know the meaning of the cone and get wedaran a living teaching and advice.
In salvation, rice cone and then cut and transferred to the parent or the "elderly" as a tribute.
After that, rice cones eaten together. This cone cutting ceremony symbolizes gratitude to God and at the same phrases or teaching about the life of togetherness and harmony.

There sesanti ox familiar to us is: "Mangan ora mangan seng penting kompol (eating or not eating is an important gathering)." This does not mean though that significant deprivation still gather with relatives.
Sesanti understanding which is supposed to put the spirit of togetherness in the home, the protection of parents against their children, and love of family.
Wherever people are, although they had to go abroad, should be given to his family and still maintain ties with relatives.

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