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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

what's Blangkon

Blangkon is a unique traditional headdress made of batik cloth. Blangkon only used by men in the community of Java. Blangkon function at the moment is like keris, namely as a part of Javanese traditional clothes. Blangkon at this point is actually a replica of the headgear in ancient times. In antiquity, blangkon a batik cloth tied around the head, but now blangkon resembling a hat. 
 Blangkon built a philosophy of the Java community who are good at keeping secrets, do not like to open a disgrace to others or yourself, always careful, and as evidence of the manners of Javanese nobility. Will try to smile and laugh even though his heart was crying, he has in mind is just like where to do what is best for each other even at the expense of himself.

 Blangkon symbolized as a man's prowess. According to its shape, blangkon divided into 4: Blangkon Jogjakarta, blangkon Surakarta (Solo), blangkon Kedu, and Blangkon Banyumas. For some types of blangkon anyone use a bulge on the back blangkon. This bulge indicates the man's haircut is often tied their long hair on the back of the head, so that part is sticking in the back blangkon. Bulge on the back blangkon called mondholan.

There are a number of theories that is the influence of the use of blangkon, Hindu and Islamic culture absorbed by the Javanese. According to experts, the Muslims who go to Java consists of two ethnic Chinese are descendants of the Chinese mainland and Gujarat traders. Gujarat traders are Arabs, they always wear a turban, which is the length and width of cloth tied around their heads. Turban is a Java inspire people to wear iket heads like the arab descent.

There is another theory which came from the elders who said that in antiquity, iket head turban is not permanent like always tied to the head. But with the economic crisis caused by the war, the fabric becomes an item that is hard to come by. Therefore, palace officials asked artists to create a headband that uses half the usual for efficiency then creates a permanent form of head cover with a cloth called blangkon more efficient.

In antiquity, blangkon it can only be created by skilled artists with grip (rules) standard. The more fulfilling grip set, then it will be higher blangkon value. An expert has examined the cultural named Becker Blangkon manufacturing procedures, it appears that the manufacture blangkon requires a skill called "virtuso skill". According to her: "That an object is useful, that it required skill to make-virtusou Neither of these precludes it from also thought beatiful. Some craft generete from within their own tradition a feeling forr beauty and with it appropriete aesthetic and common standards of taste ".

Assessment of beauty blangkon, apart from meeting the standard are also depending on how far a person will understand the taste and standard provisions that have become social standards. Policies for blangkon grip, was not only to be followed by the manufacturer, but also by its users. As expressed by Becker as follows: "By accepting beauty as a criterion, Participants in craft activities on a concern characteristic of the folk definition of art. That definition includes an emphasis on beauty as typified in the tradition of some particular art, on the traditions and conserns of the art world itself as the source of value, on expression of someone's thoughts and feelings, and on the relative freedom of artists from outside interference with the work ".

Blangkon principally made of cloth iket Udeng rectangular or square. The size is approximately 105 cm wide x 105 cm. Used actually only half cloth. Size blangkon taken of the distance between the latitude of the right ear and left through the forehead and through the top. In general, the smallest numbered 48 and 59 at most. Blangkon consists of several types, namely: Using mondholan, the bulge on the back blangkon shaped like Onde-onde. Blangkon is referred to as blangkon Yogyakarta style. This bulge haircut signifies the time that men often tie their long hair at the back of the head, so that part is sticking out at the back blangkon. Coil should be tight so that the hair is not easily separated.

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