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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

other of Batik in Indonesia

Almost every region or province, even cities, in Indonesia has a batik crafts, and all have distinctive features and different motives. Kind Batik in Indonesia turned out to have so many kinds, there are about 2,500 batik motifs that have been officially registered, and many more kinds of traditional and contemporary batik others who have not entered the list. With the increasing number

 of designers working in the world of batik, the rapidly growing variety of motives and also the development of Indonesian batik. You can imagine how rich this culture of Indonesia. The existence of batik culture is also strengthened with the establishment of Yayasan Batik Indonesia.

In September 2009, through the Board of Trustees of Foundation of Indonesia Batik, Doddy Soepardi, announced that the party United Nations through UNESCO has officially confirmed that the Indonesian batik into the Representative List of Cultural Heritage Objects Not Human. Also 2500 range of batik motifs including those listed therein. It is expected in the future there will be no other country which claims that the batik of Indonesia as the country's cultural heritage.
When viewed from the ornaments, Kind of batik in Indonesia, many regions are derived from prehistoric times such as decorative geometric patterns and symbols. all kinds of batik can be seen from the motif is used. As with any culture, decoration on batikpun experiencing changes that are influenced by their environment.
The uniqueness of batik is not only limited to fashion alone, but extends to other usage, such as batik motif that is used for bags, backpacks, laptop bags, pillowcases, curtains, slippers, shoes, caps food, table cloths to accessories and other household items. This makes batik spur creativity and innovation.

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